Whats harder for you to handle...too much heat or too much cold♥?

Answer READ THIS .I have it ~~~ owwwww COLD !!!D :) What is Raynaud's syndrome? This is a condition in which the smallest arteries that bring blood to the fingers or toes constrict (go into spasm) when ex... Read More »

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How much harder is driving a stick-shift car?

Driving stick is almost an entirely different way of driving. You have to keep your eye on the speedometer when you're not using to "feeling" when you need to change gears. Your hand will constantl... Read More »

How much heat comes from a heat lamp?

Temperatures created by heat lamps vary, depending on bulb wattage. In general use, heat lamp bulbs reach 400 to 500 degrees F. The room temperature is usually raised by approximately 20 degrees F.... Read More »

Why does it feel so much harder to wake up on rainy days, than on suny ones?

S.A.D. It's Seasonal Affects Disorder. Because rainy days make your body feel sluggish and gray, while sunny days are bright and full of energy, and you want to wake up and go play sports.

Whats harder, learning to ride a motorbike or car?

It can depend on your riding experience and your confidence on the road on two wheel. I found it harder to pass my car test (4 attempts - 4 minors) than my motorcycle (1st time - clean sheet).Many ... Read More »