Whats harder for you to handle...too much heat or too much cold♥?

Answer READ THIS .I have it ~~~ owwwww COLD !!!D :) What is Raynaud's syndrome? This is a condition in which the smallest arteries that bring blood to the fingers or toes constrict (go into spasm) when ex... Read More »

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Whats harder, learning to ride a motorbike or car?

It can depend on your riding experience and your confidence on the road on two wheel. I found it harder to pass my car test (4 attempts - 4 minors) than my motorcycle (1st time - clean sheet).Many ... Read More »

How cold can a heat pump get?

Heat pumps convert cold air outside into warm air inside a house. However, when the outdoor temperature gets too cold, the heat pumps do not work as well. An additional source of heat, such as elec... Read More »

My Central Heat Is Blowing Cold?

A central heating system blowing cold air may be a sign of trouble or just a unit coming back online after a long summer off. Proper maintenance of your home heating equipment can eliminate issues ... Read More »

Why does my heat pump blow cold air?

Heat pumps condition the air inside a home or work place economically and efficiency. Determining why a heat pump is blowing cold air into a space requires a bit of knowledge about heat pumps and h... Read More »