What's good to eat at California Pizza Kitchen?

Answer Starter: A fusion of East and West with chunks of fresh avocado, chicken, tomato, Monterey Jack cheese and applewood smoked bacon, wrapped in a crispy wonton roll. Served with ranchito sauce and o... Read More »

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Is California Pizza Kitchen expensive?

$20 ought to buy a large speciality pizza. I recommend the Hawaiian ( pineapple and ham) yum yum! Even their frozen pizzas are the bomb!

What kind of questions should I expect at California Pizza Kitchen?

I used to work at a restaurant, similar to CPK, but not a pizza restaurant. Some of the questions I got at my interview were about if I have ever dined there before, how would I handle a difficult... Read More »

Pizza!!! Why is Pizza so good with Ranch What is your favorite pizza/?

I agree that Pizza Hut rules. Papa John's is also very good. Pizza Hut's pan pizza is sooo delicious!I also like Uno deep dish pizza. Their crust alone tastes really good.

What pizza chain sells the cheapest pizza but still tastes fairly good?

domino's, i would say little caesars but little caesars tastes awful