What's good on popcorn besides salt and butter?

Answer Powdered Nesquick! Yum! Old Bay is delicious on it. Or hot sauce. I looove tobasco on mine.Any kind of grated cheese as some people mentioned. Any of Mrs. Dash's seasonings are good on it. I like t... Read More »

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Does extra butter on popcorn make popcorn pop faster?

Adding extra butter to popcorn should not be done before popping. The smoke point of butter is much lower than that of vegetable oil, which is the proper oil to pop popcorn in. The lower smoke poin... Read More »

Besides salt and pepper, what are good ingrediants/spices for scrambled eggs?

Whats a really good web hosting site besides godaddy?

I've used Dreamhost and 1and1 for years. 1and1 is getting worse and I've been moving more and more of my sites to Dreamhost. Only 8.95 a month and you get discounts for paying yearly or every two y... Read More »

How Do I Get Butter on Every Kernel of Popcorn?

If you are adding your own butter to popcorn, it can be very difficult to get a light coating on each kernel because pouring melted butter straight on to popcorn isn't easy to mix. Even if you try ... Read More »