Whats good for a tummy ache?

Answer a short nap. when you wake up, the pain will be gone (besides, naps are good for just about anything!).

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Whats good for back ache?

Any exercise to strengthen your core stability muscle groups will help you no end. These include the muscles which lie either side of your spine and deep into your abdominal wall. I have practiced ... Read More »

Whats a good way to get rid of a Head ache?

1st, if you're taking aspirin & they're not doing it for you before you go with stronger meds go see a dr. Make sure there's no other reason for the headaches. Simple home remedy without med, lie... Read More »

How to Treat a Tummy Ache?

A tummy ache can turn even the most placid child into an unhappy, grumpy little person. Tummy aches can result in unwillingness to eat, decrease in fluid intake and fewer trips to the bathroom. A c... Read More »

What will make this tummy ache go away?

bread usually helps bc it coats the stomach, or any sodas, also taking a hot bath would maybe help it