What's gonna happen to the Teletubbies when all tv goes digital?

Answer The Borg will asymilate them

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I just got my finger stuck in a car door whats gonna happen?

just put ice on it and ur finger nail might come off but it will be okay. i promise it will be just fine. wrap a washcloth around ur ice and tape it to ur finger wit medical tape....good luck. hope... Read More »

I just chugged 3 beers in the past 45 minutes. Whats gonna happen?

Your tummy's gonna clamp down like a fist, especially if they were cold. The stomach doesn't care for having lots of cold fizzy stuff slammed into it quickly. Lay back and digest for awhile.

TH Family : image of tom hitting the girl-_- +can someone explain whats gonna happen?

Man, he full out punched her! LMA- Er...what?'I mean, BAD Tom...BAD! *snicker*But really...I've been hit in the face many times...not by people...inanimate objects..BUT! My point heal! It ... Read More »

What Can Happen When a Rear Hub Bearing Goes Bad?

Automobiles offer freedom on the open road, using many intricately connected systems for propelling the vehicle forward. Working alongside the car's wheel assemblies are the wheel hub bearing assem... Read More »