Whats going to happen on the Facebook attack on november 5th?

Answer nothing to users, only to fb itself, which will be taken down for the day by Anonymous, read more here…

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At age 19 as a female is a heart attack likely to happen?

Probably not, if you're healthy. But anything can and does happen.

What ages do heart attack happen women?

Earlier it was only the postmenopausal females who suffered from heart attacks. Now-a-days the problem is increasingly being seen in somewhat younger age group owing to lifestyle changes, escalati... Read More »

What will happen if you tell the CIA that you were apart of the September 11 2001 terrorist attack?

Whats the most SCANDALOUS thing to happen at YOUR school?

last year, an anonymous "gossip girl" wrote a gossip blog about people in my grade, dissing a lot of people and unleashing shocking secrets. it was all the rage for about a week, and numerous group... Read More »