Whats going to happen on the Facebook attack on november 5th?

Answer nothing to users, only to fb itself, which will be taken down for the day by Anonymous, read more here…

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Facebook isn't Working 9/22/10 Does Anyone know Whats is Going on with Facebook?

THEY JUST REPORTED IT ON THE NEWS.C'mon. It's a social network site. Go outside.

Whats this virus/worm thats going to happen on april 1st?

The worm you are talking about is the HIGHLY DANGEROUS, evolved version of the Conficker worm, called 'Conficker C' which was recently given the nickname "April Fool's Worm".What it does is that it... Read More »

Going to Geneva on November 1?

Temperatures on November 11, 2010 in Geneva will be around 12 ° C, some rainfall possible. For details, see here:… What you plan to wear is by far too much.

Going to Geneva on November?

Yes, it's going to be cold and you have a good chance to see some snowfall. So, yes, bring winter gear, including gloves and scarfs.BTW: To see how the Swiss weather was in the past and how it's go... Read More »