What's going on with my neck?

Answer Where is the pain located, how would you rate the pain from 1 being the lowest - 10. Does it radiate? It might be just a strain or sprain or could be worst. You should have it checked by a doctor.

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Whats the best way to get a crick out of my neck?

I'm a nurse and this exercise was shown to me by a physical therapist. It really works!1. Place the palm of your hand on the side of your face that is effected. Your ear should be sort of cradled... Read More »

My neck has been hurting really bad for three days i took tylenol alot and its not working whats wrong with me?

A lot of neck pain can be caused by strain in the muscles of the upper arms, shoulders or your pec muscles. If you've had any strain recently in any of those areas - this might be causing addition... Read More »

Whats the best way to relieve neck/upper back pain that is giving you a tension headache?

I'd say a nice hot bath, some toy time, and then a nap.....ahhh!

Does doing neck stretches or exercises break your neck 10 Points!!! Please Answer.?

There is nothing you can do under your own power with active stretching to break your own neck. If you were to stretch any part of your body in any range of motion and you went too far you would c... Read More »