What's going on with Samsung Galaxy S3?

Answer For SIM problem it is indeed manufacturing issue since I had it (except yours is new); others seems to be same as well, unless you live in basement as I am in summer time.LTE is 4G tech, basement, ... Read More »

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Whats better Samsung Galaxy of iPhone 4s and why?

the Samsung Galaxy S III is the most powerful and best smartphone currently availablecomparing this to the iPhone 4s:its fasterhas a much larger displayhas more memory, and is expandable memoryhas ... Read More »

Whats better Iphone5 or samsung Galaxy s3?

There is no obvious answer because the decision depends on your needs and preferences; it's like comparing a BMW to a Mercedes. Both are great and would suit most people -- but what you're looking... Read More »

Whats the Price of the Samsung Galaxy Note S2 in Saudi Arabia?

SR 22498 mega pixel camera4.3 touch screen1.2 GHZ Processor3G+ , wifi , bluetooth ,gps etc.

Will samsung galaxY s3 mini go cheaper if samsung galaxy s4 comes out?

I don't really understand why people get smart phones. If all you need is calling and text messaging, what can it do better than something that costs a fraction of the price and is a far smaller si... Read More »