What's for dessert..........?

Answer Rocky road cheesecake

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Whats you favorite dessert?

Whats your favourite breakfast item, snack, drink and dessert?

Breakfast- Chocolate chip pancakes.Snack-Sour cream and onion potato chips.Drink-Sweet tea.Dessert- Raspberry cheesecake.

Whats the best simple but elegant dessert to make at a new years eve diner party?

Yummy but very calorie loaded.I pint double cream whipped until stiff.500g chocolat, dark, milk, or white (my favorite) melted until very runny/Whip the cream until thikened, but not yet firm, then... Read More »

Is there dessert in paleo recipes because I think prehistoric people didn't know about dessert.?

I think you are missunderstand about paleo recipe or paleo dietary. It is not the real prehistoric food! It's just healthy foods that useing good natural ingredients, cooked in a healthy higienic p... Read More »