What's for Dinner Breakfast?

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Do you ever eat breakfast for dinner?

I love eating breakfast for dinner and lunch... anytime except for breakfast, actually. I'm not a morning eater, other than drinking V-8 juice.I love biscuits (especially homemade) with white gravy... Read More »

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

breakfast: crumbled eggs sandwiches coffeelunch: ravioli with porn stir fry vegetables and puddingdinner: chicken curry and rice

Is it bad if i don't eat dinner but eat a lot for breakfast, lunch and snacks?

It is not healthy but it will not make a huge difference depend on things like weight and health, and what those other foods are, particularly the snacks.With out being able to examine you and your... Read More »

What do you think of a "breakfast" dinner party?

Great idea! Depending on how involved to want to go you could do an omelet bar or crepes with various fillings. The crepes you can buy premade so you're not killing yourself. They could be fille... Read More »