What's for Dinner Breakfast?

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Is better to eat more breakfast or more dinner?

Your supposed to eat Breakfast like a king Lunch like a Prince and Dinner Like a Popper. A Big Breakfast will kick start your metabolism and make you more awake and energized in the day. Eating a l... Read More »

Does anyone ever fix breakfast for dinner?

My wife and I usually have scrambled eggs and toast for dinner one night a week. It's easy and it's tasty!P.S.: Do you have room for a third at your dinner table tonight? Biscuits and sausage gr... Read More »

Do you ever eat breakfast for dinner?

I love eating breakfast for dinner and lunch... anytime except for breakfast, actually. I'm not a morning eater, other than drinking V-8 juice.I love biscuits (especially homemade) with white gravy... Read More »

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

breakfast: crumbled eggs sandwiches coffeelunch: ravioli with porn stir fry vegetables and puddingdinner: chicken curry and rice