What's faster than Google Chrome?

Answer Google Chrome was the fastest web browser until not too long ago. However, Mozilla Firefox was recently updated and now reigns superior lol.

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Whats faster google chrome or firefox?

Any web browsers faster than google chrome?

most important is the internet speed fast enough

Is Google Chrome faster and uses less RAM than Firefox, Safari, Opera, or IE?

Yes, it's the fastest. No, it uses more RAM and memory than firefox (with more than like 5-6 tabs open, if you have one or two open it will be less).

Has any one tried that google chrome, whats it like is it better than IE8?

I prefer firefox to google chrome because of lack of add-ons in chrome.I rarely use IE anyway.CONS OF CHROME - Let’s look at the bigger list first:Lack of Add-Ons – this is the single biggest p... Read More »