Whats everyone drinking?

Answer Finished the Vodka now on Whisky+Pepsi with some cans(lager)10 -25 and going to local pub.Which is shite.People already up andabout the pro's and con's of going and not going.I'm for going because ... Read More »

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What's everyone drinking tonight ?

wine wine with cranberry juice - HEAVEN :0)

Whats up with everyone speeding?

What's the speed limit? If you are going 35 in a 20 mph zone and people are passing you, that's quite different from doing 35 in a 60 mph zone?

Whats Everyone having for lunch 2day?

In my lunch was packed 3 tuna sandwiches and a packet of jellybeans. Oh, don't forget the apple, lol!

Whats a boys name you think EVERYONE likes?