What's effect of coca cola on human body?

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What effect does Coca Cola have on teeth?

Coke and TeethHere is input from WikiAnswers contributors:I'm a nutrition major, and in my bacteriology lab, for our final we have to do an independent study. I decided to experiment on how particu... Read More »

Can a cortal medicine and coca-cola have an effect on a pregnancy?

Coca-Cola no, unless you are a diabetic. Cortal is aspirin and if you overdose it can cause delayed labor, liver and heart damage for your baby, and liver damage to you. It does not end pregnancy.... Read More »

Coca cola or Pepsi..whats the better?

Whats the differnet between Coca cola zero and diet coke?

Coca Cola Zero - Sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium., the reason this is different than Diet Coke is Coca Cola Zero is a sugar free version of the Classic Coke formulation. In other ... Read More »