Whats ebay?

Answer It's an on line auction site where you can bid for items or even "buy now" if that option is open on the item. I have bought as well as sold items on EBay. It is a great site for finding new and ol... Read More »

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Whats the most absurd thing you've seen or heard of being sold on Ebay?

I have a little book listing things here are some of the highlights:Serial Killers Fingernails - $9.99 One BidHitlet Pin Cushion - No BidsDead Mouse in a Bottle - $4.20 two bidsNothing - $22.00 thr... Read More »

Whats the best way for me to take pictures of smaller items i want to sell on Ebay?

I would set your camera to "Macro" or "Text" setting. Depending on the color of the objects, I would suggest a black or white background. I believe natural sunlight would be the best lighting as th... Read More »

Whats the difference between a $79.99 Monster HDMI cable at Best Buy and a 99 cent one on ebay?

About 79 dollars. Seriously, Monster cables are very very overpriced. HDMI is digital so as long as the ones and zeros get from one end to the other, the quality will be EXACTLY the same. It *may* ... Read More »

I want to sell on Ebay. Mostly trading cards. Do I need a camera or scanner How do I get pictures on Ebay?

Hi - really good question! For flat objects, a scanner is your best bet - you can put your cards on there. And you can put DVD covers, VHS covers, etc on the scanner bed and you're done. As for t... Read More »