Whats does Ghz stand for when your buying a computer?

Answer G Hz = GigahertzThere is a clock inside your processor or CPU which cycles each second.This is called a Clock Cycle, or Frequency.Here are the basic scientific powers of 10Kilo, "k" = 1 thousand or... Read More »

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What does SLR stand for when buying a digital SLR camera?

What does CRT mean when buying a computer monitor?

Flat screen is LCD. CRT is Cathode Ray Tube, the old fashioned big heavy TV style.

What does open box mean when you're buying a computer?

An open box in computer sales refers to a computer that has been opened for any reason, such as a return, use as a floor model or by accident, according to Consumer Reports. These items often come ... Read More »

What do S, SE,& SES stand for when buying a car?

S, SE and SES represent the trim levels for a Ford Focus. The S is the base model for the vehicle, the SE is the mid-level model and the SES is the top of the line trim for the Ford Focus.Reference... Read More »