Whats can the ipad mini do that the samsung tablet cant?

Answer It may have spell-check on it that you definitely need. Maybe more time at school would help.

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Which is better samsung tablet 2 or iPad 3?

We do not know what is wrong with it. Take it to the store and ask for an estimate

The new Ipad or Samsung Galaxy Note tablet?

Err.... If I were you, I would have bought the new Samsung Galaxy Note tablet. Well, I myself have an Ipad 2, but since Ipad 3 is just a marginal improvement to Ipad 2, it shouldn't matter to you... Read More »

I am planning to get ma first tablet i opt for the new apple ipad and samsung tab 2 help me between the two...?

Hi, if i were you i would go for the ipad 3 because most people use italot samsung are good too but if you want to be completely securedthen go for the ipad because sometimes people can hack intosa... Read More »

Which tablet device is bette; the iPad Mini vs the Kindle Fire HD?

Read the full details on the differences below. You can get a good deal on the fire hd here:…or ipad mini here:…O... Read More »