Whats better yahoo or gmail?

Answer Gmail, although I only use them for a few accounts.

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What is better yahoo or gmail?

Gmail has more free services than Yahoo mail. G-mail allowes POP3 and forwaring for free which is very much helpful if you are setting account in Outlook or other e-mail softwares. Better have both... Read More »

Which is better yahoo or gmail?

I like gmail a little better, especially when you have an email conversation with someone, and it just stays under the original email, doesn't clog up your inbox with separate emails, but with free... Read More »

Is Gmail better than Yahoo?

IMO I like Gmail better because of a clean, intuitive interface, also no ads or banners even if I do have AdBlock on firefox with filterset.g updater. I like Yahoo for the rest of the stuff over M... Read More »

Whats better Yahoo or MSN?

I have MSN at work and Yahoo! Both have their pros & cons! If I had to pick one I would stay with Yahole....EDIT>>>>>>>>>OOPS! YAHOO!