What's better than Limewire?

Answer Frostwire looks exactly the same as Limewire, and its FREE!!!! And its has no porn or viruses!!Get it here!! Read More »

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Is FrostWire really better than LimeWire?

one of the differences is that frostwire is open source, meaning that programmers are free to change the code of the program and tweak it to their liking.i highly prefer it over limewire and most p... Read More »

Is there a free downloading client better than limewire?

bit torrent, but buying it is ALWAYS better

Whats better than anti depressants?

First you must identify if it is an outside source causing the depression such as debt, relationship, job, children,etc. Then you must except it for what it is and work around a solution. It also m... Read More »

Has any one tried that google chrome, whats it like is it better than IE8?

I prefer firefox to google chrome because of lack of add-ons in chrome.I rarely use IE anyway.CONS OF CHROME - Let’s look at the bigger list first:Lack of Add-Ons – this is the single biggest p... Read More »