Whats better panasonic or sony?

Answer i say sony is the best man.

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Which brand is better sony or Panasonic?

I personally think the Panasonic is better because it uses a SD card which is VERY VERY cheap and Sony products require a Memory Stick Pro Duo which can cost a LOT OF MONEY. For example, Panasonic ... Read More »

Is Panasonic lcd tv is better than sony bravia?

No, The top of the line SONY is the best in picture quality.

Which camera is better for a low budget feature film Sony HVR Z1U or Panasonic AG DVX100x.. Thank You!!!?

Greetings,Aside from just voting based on manufacturer, I'd have to say that neither one wins hands down, Here is why:The Panasonic Camcorder is a classic when if comes of independent films. This... Read More »

Which brand has better digital camera (Fujfilm, Canon, Kodak, Sony, Panasonic. Nikon etc..)?