Whats better panasonic or sony?

Answer i say sony is the best man.

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Sony or Panasonic?

I have products from both...Both brands are of excellent quality...I have no complaints. In general, Panasonic products seem to be cheaper in price...I could afford them long before I could Sony (... Read More »

Panasonic or sony?

Hi mate i don't want to undermine anyone else but i have been installing TVs for about 8 years now and Panasonic were a great TV and good sets but Sony a leading the way between the 2. Especially i... Read More »

Is Panasonic lcd tv is better than sony bravia?

No, The top of the line SONY is the best in picture quality.

Which is the best SONY, SAMSUNG or PANASONIC?

I would have to say 1. Sony2. Panasonic3. Samsung in that exact order