What's better for you: Cigars or Cigarettes?

Answer hmm...neither. i preffer joints. lol. ive never smoked tabacco.tabacco smells bad...and gives you lung cancer. weed smells amazing, and doesnt give you lung cancer i dont think...but it is illegal ... Read More »

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How is alcohol, cigars,cigarettes etc. legal and marijuana not?

God is PerfectMan is NotMan made BeerGod made PotLEGALIZE IT

Poll<I> Are you still smoking cigarettes or cigars?

Nope, did drunkenly buy the odd Cigar but can say I haven't for a good few yeas now so smoke neither!A near fatal Asthma attack was the final "Nail in the coffin" in my smoking carreer.Trying to sm... Read More »

Hi I am 15 years old and I have smoked 120.5 smokes, 78 being cigarettes, 18 being cigarillos and 22.5 cigars?

if you just quit and u will never do it again i dont think it wil do much damage since u are 15 years old u made the right choice in stopping

Which is better to smoke cigars or cigs?

Cigars are better to smoke. Cigars are made with all natural tobacco, where cigarettes are processed, and tons of chemicals are added to the mix. But if you want the best form of smoking I say ta... Read More »