Whats better for repairing skin tissue vitamin a or e?

Answer A good vitamin E supplement can be amazing for skin repair. Here is the one I take:…

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Whats better for oily skin :P?

MACs Studio fix is amazing and it works very well. i also have oily skin and i find i need to reapply 1 more time throughtout the day not so much. it blends into your skin very well, i do find that... Read More »

Cures for Repairing Acne Skin?

Acne can be irritating, painful, humiliating and, in severe cases, even disfiguring. Eighty-five percent of adults suffer from some form of acne, so if you are one of them, you are not alone. Trea... Read More »

Disinfect that is safe to use on skin and tissue?

There is one disinfectant that I think works and is safe and that is definitely Purell. They make hand sanitizers and even soap-less whipes that I love. The second choice is lysol, but I don't trus... Read More »

Are electric blankets damaging to skin tissue?

On One Hand: Safe operation poses no hazard to mostThe Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that proper care, maintenance and operation of electric blankets should pose no hazard to most cons... Read More »