What's better for gaming Crt or Lcd monitors?

Answer hey there, lcd has better quality, and crt is old school, plus crt gives off lots of radiation, and crt takes up lots of space, soo i think you should get lcd.

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Which of these monitors would be best for gaming ?

Alienware product always made for gaming its best known. i would go with alienware buddy

Whats the difference between hdtv 1080i and 1080p and whats better for gaming (ps3) and tv and film?

What's the use of 3 monitors on a gaming or workstation computer?

Depends. Most games don't support Multi-Monitor at all, so most of the time, no. The game has to be written specifically to have multi-monitor support. This would not stop you from setting up th... Read More »

Whats the best AMD cpu for gaming under $200?

Your motherboard gets you stuck in AMD CPUs and they are for budget systems or for people who don't understand CPUs. The old Phenoms typically use a lot of power and are performance limited. FX-417... Read More »