Whats better desktop or laptop?

Answer Better for me is a laptop, I know desktops are more powerful but it's important for me to be able to take my computer with me everywhere I go, plus I'm not a gamer and don't need a powerful compute... Read More »

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Hey anyone!!! whats better desktop or laptop?

Hey!!Gordo I told u to get a Desktop a million times.Mr. ten, go, free, hoe, less, inn, me, cool, low. LOLlUV YA!!! :P

Whats a better brand for desktop: hp or dell?

I've owned both brands. In my opinion, Dell is better with warranty service than HP. I had a Dell monitor break toward the end of the 3 year warranty period and it only took 2 calls to get them t... Read More »

Is a desktop better for gaming or a laptop?

Desktops are considerably better for gaming. There are several reasons why...Desktops produce less (can be more at times) heat then laptops which allow more performance. The fact that everything is... Read More »

Which is better Laptop or Desktop?

It depends on ur use.If u use it for carrying purpose then LAPTOP is best.or else for rough and tough use DESKTOP is best.