Whats better desktop or laptop?

Answer Better for me is a laptop, I know desktops are more powerful but it's important for me to be able to take my computer with me everywhere I go, plus I'm not a gamer and don't need a powerful compute... Read More »

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Hey anyone!!! whats better desktop or laptop?

Hey!!Gordo I told u to get a Desktop a million times.Mr. ten, go, free, hoe, less, inn, me, cool, low. LOLlUV YA!!! :P

Whats the best way to transfer files from a computer to another!... (desktop to a laptop)...?

You sure can make a network, but you'll need a 'cross-over' ethernet cable, which is like a regular ethernet cable, but 2 of the wires are switched from one end to the other. Connect the cross cab... Read More »

I have an old desktop pc,but I do not have a monitor only a laptop can i view my desktop on my laptop?

Just remove the hdd from the desktop and connect it via external casing to the laptop.

My desktop monitor is not working.can i use my laptop's screen as my desktop monitor my laptop has vga port.?

No it is not possible. The VGA port on your laptop is there to use a seperate viewing screen with your laptop not to use the screen on the laptop with a seperate computer. Because if did not notice... Read More »