Whats better a 10.2 DSLRs or a 12.0 compact camera?

Answer comparing SLR's sensors and point & shoot sensors, THERE IS NO CHANCE....I don't know why people even bother worrying about MP in compact cameras, since their sensors are soooo small, the photo won... Read More »

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I need to take an intraoral photographs. I would prefer compact digital camera(not heavy camera).Any idea?

I no longer use a ring light. I think that a point source of light is better for modeling of the subject (teeth) and a ring light makes everything look flat. Years ago, Yashica's Dental Eye camer... Read More »

Iphone 5 camera vs compact digital camera?

iPhone 5 camera is great. But if your main aim is to take a lot pics, buying a camera for that purpose will be good as iPhone battery will run out quicker while using camera. Otherwise iPhone 5's c... Read More »

I need a good compact camera for less than 50$ which camera and where?

There are NO compact camera in that price range that are any good. You need to be willing to pay at least $120 for a good one

What Is The Best Digital Compact Camera Around?

The short answer is there is no perfect brand. Some models are good, some are not. It's just like everyone has a bad day once in a while.If you're looking at a compact with full manual capability, ... Read More »