What's better Plasma or LCD TV's?

Answer I will recommend to buy a LCD TV because it consumes about 50% less electricity than a plasma.Moreover, the number of pixels per square inch on an LCD display is typically higher than other display... Read More »

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LCD vs. Plasma Whats the difference whats better?

AS A TV Antenna specialist installer I run into this question regularly from customers.Which is best.... that depends, as it is a subjective question just as much as which brand of car is best or w... Read More »

Whats better Plasma TV, LCD TV, or LED TV?

Whats better LCD or Plasma tv?

It's not what's happening behind the screen that's important - it's how the screen performs as a television that matters the most. In that regard, both plasma and LCD sets produce excellent picture... Read More »

Whats better,plasma or lcd tv's?

This question gets asked quite often and it usually all boils down to personal preference and experiences.However the best 'rule of thumb' piece of advise I was ever given on this matter was - Anyt... Read More »