What's better, Mozilla or Internet Explorer?

Answer Firefox but I just use Internet Explorer. But if you want something good, use Safari.

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Whats faster internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox?

i personally believe Firefox to be the fastest between the two. My explorer tends to crash quite often and it does take quite a while to start up while firefox is usually very quick to start up and... Read More »

Which Internet Browser do you regard as best - Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla or Netscape or someone else?

Firefox! If you want email Thunderbird

Mozilla or Internet Explorer?

Mozilla FireFox, its much safer and better to use than MS IE, it would be a disaster to give Microsoft total control over the Internet --> Firefox is our best hope for Internet Freedom.

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or Internet Explorer 7.0?

I love mozilla. I use many plugins such as the torrent plugin, google plugin, download bar plugin, clipmark plugin, flashgot plugin, FTP plugin, chatzilla plugin, etc.It is one of the most customiz... Read More »