Whats better, Milk or Water?

Answer water...its so refreshing...but then again milk goes great with oreo cookies!!

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Whats better milk or dark chocolate?

Dark chocolate is actually better for you than milk chocolate. The additional milk in milk chocolate greatly increases the chocolate's fat content. Furthermore, a greater amount of sugar is added t... Read More »

Soy Milk Regular Milk or Low Fat Milk Which from this list do you like better?

Regular milk - evet that is not as good as good old country whole milk with a lot of cream on it.Papaw

Poll~ Whats better than a huge glass of chocolate milk when your mind is busy thinking and can't sleep?

I was thinking something in white pants...or even better out of the white pants

When it comes to working out at a gym whats better water or Gatorade?

water in all reality. You body needs the water and not all the sugar to jack you up even higher. If you start to get lactic acid burn....after your workout eat yogurt or a banana or even strawberri... Read More »