Answer facebook, it's so much more professional. if you are between the ages of 9-13 get bebo. if you are a teenager get myspace. get facebook at any age but it is the best!

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Whats better, facebook or myspace?

Tbh ive found its an age thing, like you start off on myspace then after a year or so, you move onto something more professional and no more tacky layouts. Facebook started later but the staff behi... Read More »

Whats better....twitter or facebook!?

Whats better Myspace or Facebook.?

myspaceee forr friends and younger peoplee and like to actually do fun stuffbut facebook for family, keeping in touch and just keeping it simple:)facebook for my phonemyspace for the computerhahaha... Read More »

Whats better or

WHO CARES... you can do BOTH... and do your Yahoo 360 also. GO FOR IT.