Whats better, Kodak 12 megapix. or nikon 12 megapix?

Answer Go For Sony, love the feature of face detector in it!In ur given options its better Kodak.

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Why do people think more megapix equals better images?

Consider if someone wants to crop away half of an image and then print that half at even a 5 x 7, that's the equivalent of printing a 10 x 14. And yes, a good photographer crops in the lens, but so... Read More »

How many pictures can a 512MB memory card hold in a 5 megapix camera?

All cameras have a fine or better picture quality setting. Depends what setting your using, but 512 is alot of memory and I don't think you'll have the problem of limited storage space. ----- See... Read More »

Which One makes Better Cameras Kodak or Nikon?

HI there. The answer to this question is a ''no brainer''. You cannot even compare the two in terms of quality of craftsmanship, sturdiness, length of time it is expected to last. It is like ... Read More »

What camera product is better Kodak or Nikon?

Kodak is a better camera brand. Kodak invented film and resisted becoming a digital camera brand because it didn't want digital cameras to overcome film cameras. The creators of film automatically ... Read More »