What's better Google chrome, windows explorer or foxfire?

Answer Totally agree with Michael, Chrome and Firefox are the two favourites. Google Chrome I believe is faster than Firefox, simpler too. But really, it's personal preference. It doesn't harm to try them... Read More »

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Internet Explorer or Google Chrome?

NO!!!!!IE is SLOW,GOOGLE CHROME is more fluid and faster then that of any browser :)…

What is better Internet Explorer or Google Chrome?

Google Chrome because it's:FasterDoesn't crash all the timeCustomizableOpera's really good on all three accounts two but you get less downloadable things for it.Google also has a great user-friendl... Read More »

Google Chrome or Internet Explorer?

Definitely Google Chrome, more user friendly as well as having a lot more accessibility. It is the better choice for an internet browser by a mile.

Is chrome google better than internet explorer v 8?

Google Chrome is way better than Internet Explorer although many people use Internet Explorer because it helps speeds up the loading websites and organizes bookmarks and tabs.