Whats better Crossfire or Single card?

Answer Both cards in crossfire if there not crossfired one won't do anything.

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Can you use an NVIDIA graphics card on ATI Crossfire boards?

You cannot use an NVIDIA SLI graphics card together with an ATI Crossfire or CrossfireX card. The original version of Crossfire employed an external connector for the two cards rather than the inte... Read More »

Is it worth getting another GFX card (amd 6870) to crossfire with my existing one?

sure, if you feel that spending another $150 - $200 just to have multiple monitors running is worth it, sure. you would also get more stable fps with two graphics cards, but make sure you have a bi... Read More »

Can you use a single SIM card in a dual SIM card phone?

Dual SIM card phones have two SIM card slots and can support two separate phone numbers, even from two different carriers. That said, there is nothing to prevent you from leaving one of the slots e... Read More »

"Single Mom Makes $89,844/Yr in Her Spare...." I've just sent this email! Whats going on?

Usually when something like this happens it's because you were the victim of a phishing attack. Basically what that means is that somebody tricked you into going a website that looked like it was f... Read More »