Whats better AIM or Myspace?

Answer AIM is a Instant Messenger, and yes, you can use it on your cell phone with a subscription. MySpace is basically a site that asks for a lot of personal info, and will most likely get you kidnapped ... Read More »

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Whats better, facebook or myspace?

Tbh ive found its an age thing, like you start off on myspace then after a year or so, you move onto something more professional and no more tacky layouts. Facebook started later but the staff behi... Read More »

Whats better Myspace or Facebook.?

myspaceee forr friends and younger peoplee and like to actually do fun stuffbut facebook for family, keeping in touch and just keeping it simple:)facebook for my phonemyspace for the computerhahaha... Read More »

Facebook or myspace whats better?

I'm gonna have to go with Facebook. It nice and simple. MySpace is a bit too flashy for me.

Whats better or

WHO CARES... you can do BOTH... and do your Yahoo 360 also. GO FOR IT.