Whats best for a burned hand?

Answer cold water, keep it running under there for as long as possible before going to the er, then silvadene cream is best, but I think it's presciption only

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First I would say to get away from the sink by getting a paper towel and wetting it with cold water. Then you can move around. If you have sports wrap or anything wrap it up in that when you go to ... Read More »

I Burned my hand ! With Hot water!?

From what you have described, it sounds as if you are past the bad part. The hand is going to hurt for a while - you did enough trauma to the skin to cause severe blistering. Pulling off the dead... Read More »

I`ve just burned my hand in the stove what can I do it really hurts!!?

immerse in ice water then get it rapped up and if it looks reallllly bad go to doctor

Burned my hand--will it scar (PLEASE READ)?

You don't want it to dry out. What you have been doing is fine. Your body fluids are what liquified the ointment. The new skin underneath needs to be protected and kept supple with either the an... Read More »