What's another word that means flower?

Answer blossom, bloom, corrolla,

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What is a another word for flower?

Italian: fiore (read fee-OH-reh) Icelandic: blòm (the ò is read as "o" in "no") Blume (german, note that Blume is feminine, so it's Die Blume) Hana (japanese, no gender) Turkish - çiçek (pr... Read More »

Can you name a song that mentions the word "Flower" or a type of flower in the title or lyrics?

Dead Flowers The Rolling Stones…Yusuf Islam ( Cat Stevens ) - All kinds of Roses…Neil Young-Love Is A Rose http... Read More »

Whats another word or way to say "hacking"?

The idea of means that no nation may aggressively seize another nation's land?