What's another downloading tool besides winzip?

Answer the best is winRar and its free, ignore the trial thing ive had it for Years on my comp for free

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Whats another way to get high besides smoking weed?

you can smoke a paracetamol, just crush it into a power and put it into you smoke, or if you dont like to smoke, try a glass of 3 redbulls mixed with 3tablespoons of coffee n sugar, that will get y... Read More »

What to do after u finish downloading linux and when winzip opens?

You are doing it the wrong way. You have to transfer the Linux installer to a CD/DVD or a flash drive. One easy way of doing it to a flash drive is by using this: Read More »

Can you use the iPhone on another company besides AT&T?

As of June 2010, the only mobile phone service available for Apple's iPhone is AT&T. Rumors hold that Verizon will soon get the ability to carry the iPhone. According to a CNN report, the AT&T excl... Read More »

What is the name of another music downloading program?

If you want to (safely) download free music, searches many safe, no-registration sites.In case you are tempted, avoid p2p software like Ares, Limewire, Frostwire, Bears... Read More »