What's another downloading tool besides winzip?

Answer the best is winRar and its free, ignore the trial thing ive had it for Years on my comp for free

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What to do after u finish downloading linux and when winzip opens?

You are doing it the wrong way. You have to transfer the Linux installer to a CD/DVD or a flash drive. One easy way of doing it to a flash drive is by using this: Read More »

Torrent keeps downloading after the file seems to have been downloaded. Whats happening?

Cancel it and find another torrent. There are a lot like that but remember this is a public forum so we can't be talking about downloading copy right material.

Whats the tool to get an apple tree stump out of my backyard?

Once my brother had a boxwood that was a piece of work. We tied it to the truck and pulled it out of the ground. It worked. Who knew!

Can any one give me a link for a tool that goes in the tool bar for a spell check & a language converter?

The link (below) will take you to your My Yahoo page where the language bar and money converter exist.On the My Yahoo page there is the word "Content" with a green + sign. Click it and you will see... Read More »