What's an image in this?

Answer What kind of disc??What software (if any) are you using to make the disc??Are those photos on your computer??What are the file extensions of those photos??

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Is there any driver of printer which prints image in to dotted(PostScript) image. Which printer provide this ?

Any postscript printer will do the jobI am using HP printer at present but now many printers support postscript driver.

TH Family : image of tom hitting the girl-_- +can someone explain whats gonna happen?

Man, he full out punched her! LMA- Er...what?'I mean, BAD Tom...BAD! *snicker*But really...I've been hit in the face many times...not by people...inanimate objects..BUT! My point heal! It ... Read More »

My asus f3sc cant display an image bt works perfectly on external monitor. Whats possibly the problem?

try a resetmaybe the ambient light sensor, or the default setting for brightness is wrongremove batteryremove supplyhold in the on button for 30 secondsrefit supply, NOT batterytry pc see if it mak... Read More »

How to get this image on my sd card?

Open your image in a photo editor (eg: Photoshop, PhotoScape, Paint.NET, Picasa)