What's an easy way to become a vegitarian?

Answer Being a vegetarian is easy if you're in it for the right reasons. So far, I know people who tried to become vegetarians in high school, but gave up after not too long. I think that's stupid. Really... Read More »

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My 6 yr old son wants to become a vegitarian.?

My daughter became vegetarian overnight at the age of 7 when she realised that meat was basically a "dead animal".She eats exactly the same as us, but I use veggie alternatives to meat.So, if we're... Read More »

I want to become a vegitarian?

there are no benefits of becoming a vegitarian because you will feel a responsibility which you never needed...

:) Im so happy because i've become a vegitarian, any advice?

Monitor your diet closely. make sure you have all the right protiens! congrats on being a veg! i am so happy you are. ou should also support peta! its one of the best things evr! they hav great tip... Read More »

Whats an easy and fast way to lose leg fat?

Stair incline, or running up hills or steps, more liking steps, just careful GOIN down. And squats. Lots of squats. An chair hold against the wall.