What's an easy way that youcould not eat as much?

Answer Keep your mind thinking about somthing else, if you chew gum its teasing your body because it thinks its getting food but its not so it makes you more hungry. Watch tv, go for a walk, just don't th... Read More »

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Whats a good makeup natural look that i can use for highschool Something easy?

Hey!!! I'm also african american and in higshool and i use a lot of MAC products like their studio fix concealer in nc 50 and their skin finish natural powder in give me sun! But i want to try ti... Read More »

I thought rhinoplasty will be easy and not that much of pain :( advices pls?

I'm getting a rhinoplasty next month, do you mind sending me before and after pictures and which doctor you choose?Thanks.

Nikita should not be cancelled in may 2011 i love that show so much i want to know whats you guys think about it?

Whats the app called that tells you whats near you?