Whats an activator. ANd how to i make one.?

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How to Make Hair Activator Gel?

Activator gel is made primarily for people with curly, textured hair that is difficult to maintain. Many African American women use activator gel to soften and tame their curls. It is unlike most o... Read More »

How to Make Ethnic Activator Gel?

Activator hair gel is used as a styling aid to tame the hair, keep it in place for a desired style and provide curl definition to curly and texturized hair in ethnic cultures, primarily by African ... Read More »

How to Use a Curl Activator?

If you have a problem with your curls going limp at the end of the day or your waves falling flat, a curl activator may be the solution to your problem. Sold in a gel or spray, a curl activator can... Read More »

What is wet&wavy activator?

Produced by Virginia-based Bonfi Natural Co., Wet-n-Wavy Activator is a type of haircare product. Available in a gel form, Wet-n-Wavy Activator is typically used to define and shape natural curls.F... Read More »