What's all the controversy about Antibiotics Are they bad for you?

Answer you're body develops an immunity to them over time...

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King of Pop controversy?

I totally agree, they don't get into our space, and we won't get into theirs. We all know MJ will always be king!

Tattoo controversy.?

Aaaah, yes. You said that so eloquently. I tried a similar rant but I wasn't nearly as nice as you are. You get a star from me!LoveCuteSexyThickMamaProud owner of 8 tattoos, and a tongue ring.Not a... Read More »

Hopefully won't "spark" any controversy...?

Cigarette smoke is a HUGE issue for me at the moment, actually. I grew up surrounded by smokers and vowed to make sure my daughter wouldn't be exposed to it as long as i had a say in the matter. i ... Read More »

<<<<CONTROVERSY OF THE DAY>>>>LINUX VS. WINDOWS> which is better>>><>>>?

The honest answer is whichever suits the needs of the individual user in question better.That's not a funny answer, but it's the truth. The OS Holy Wars tend to lose sight of that basic fact.