What's all the controversy about Antibiotics Are they bad for you?

Answer you're body develops an immunity to them over time...

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A Question about Antibiotics?

I'm a dentist. First off, I'm wondering about the type and dose of antibiotics you're being given. Augmentin is basically amoxicillin (with clavulonic acid added in to allow it to kill some types o... Read More »

Question about antibiotics?

Alcohol doesn't diminish the effectiveness of most antibiotics. However, drinking alcohol may increase the side-effects of taking antibiotics. The variety and intensity of these side-effects depend... Read More »

Question about UTI and Antibiotics.?

ive taken lots of antibiotics and thats never happened to me. if u r sure thats blood. sometimes antibiotics and uti can discolor urine

Question about antibiotics (Amoxicillin)?

HI, Im sorry your little one isn't doing any better. I went through the same thing. It should start working. It takes a few days to build up and work. if you dont see a change in 2 days I would cal... Read More »