What's a way to build cardio stamina without machines or running?

Answer i was going to say swimming but you have lots of that already, if you have no access to a pool, then a $20 to $50 in a few videos and a mat for yoga will do wonders. Some of it stress relief and f... Read More »

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How to Increase Your Running Stamina?

The human body can get used to a sedentary or inactive lifestyle. Low energy levels can affect your physical and mental performance. Increasing your stamina is about more than just building muscle ... Read More »

At 39, if I kept doing my usual workouts (mix of cardio, freeweights and machines) BUT added steroids...?

Eddie, DO NOT even let that question pass your lips! My ex husband was a "lift" fanatic. He looked mighty fine. He "tried" steroids for a month. The "bulk" he took on was unbelievable. It also... Read More »

How to Build Your Reading Stamina?

Do you like to read, but always get distracted by your crying little sister, or your annoying older brother? Do you think that it would be nice if you could just sit down and read for hours on end?

How to Build Your Stamina for Swimming?

Have you ever watched the Olympics and wondered where those swimmers got the energy to do so many laps? The answer is they have a great amount of endurance. If you want to become a swimmer who can ... Read More »