What's a squid!!!!!?

Answer octopus.

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How to Dress as a Squid?

Squids- The ugliest things in the seven seas. But you know it, you've always wanted to dress like one. Go out on New Years Eve with some other fellow fishes and wreck (Minimal) havoc upon your neig... Read More »

How to Cook Squid?

Just like pork is pig, calamari is squid. Though it sounds gourmet, squid is readily available, inexpensive and not very difficult to cook. You will look like a professional chef and have a much mo... Read More »

Is squid ink poisonous?

Squid and octopus ink is not poisonous to humans. Although squid do have venom glands that release a poison when they bite, the ink released by a squid is not venomous.References:Exploratorium: Sci... Read More »

How to Dissect a Squid?

Here is a squid swimming in the ocean.Dissecting a squid is a complex task, so get someone trained to help you. Whether this is for a school project or lab experiment, it helps to have an idea of w... Read More »