What's a skin tag ?

Answer They're pieces of skin that hang off the body (usually very small). I was able to get one removed from my neck by a dermatologist. Quick and easy (and painless).

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Whats better for oily skin :P?

MACs Studio fix is amazing and it works very well. i also have oily skin and i find i need to reapply 1 more time throughtout the day not so much. it blends into your skin very well, i do find that... Read More »

Whats the best makeup for oily skin?

If you have very oily skin, you will find it much more effective to use a number of different products in combination. Here's what works!:- A mattifying primer or oil control lotion. Use these over... Read More »

Whats the secret to clear beautiful skin?

Homeopathic Beauty tips (Plastic Medicines to improve Complexion/Glow) :-For dry and rough skin. Aversion to take bath; scratching of the effected lesions Sulphur 30(3 Doses) or 200 (6 Doses), week... Read More »

Whats better for repairing skin tissue vitamin a or e?

A good vitamin E supplement can be amazing for skin repair. Here is the one I take:…