What's a restauraunt you can't seem to get enough of ?

Answer Red Lobster!!!!

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How can you tip someone at a restauraunt with out looking cheap?

I agree with aleecesprite. But if it was bad service, make it 100 pennies. I'm answering this because I want points.

Help i'm vegan i'm looking for a good restauraunt in philly..?

We just went to the Adobe Cafe and Santa Fe Grill (yeah, kind of a mouthful) last week. It is southwestern/Mexican food and very good. They have an entire section of their menu for vegan entrees ... Read More »

How to Be Polite With a Waiter or Waitress in a Restauraunt?

Most waiters and waitresses seem pretty pleasant to you. So you should return the favor by being polite to them! It can even get you better service.

I'm about to have a "holiday lunch" with 8 corporate lawyers at some fancy schmancy restauraunt. How many...?

I'd stick with nonalcoholic drinks, Nicholas. If an ambulance zooms by you'll want to be able to keep up with the rest of them.