What's a reasonable amount of weight I can expect to lose in 3 months?

Answer I've heard it's not "safe" to aim for more than 3 lbs. a week -- that's what, about 1 stone a month? So, if you have about 2 1/2 months to lose weight -- I'm guessing you could safely & realistic... Read More »

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When you lose a significant amount of weight (50+ pounds) do you lose weight in your feet, nose and lips too?

I have one hundred pounds to lose! How much can I expect to lose in three months.?

First of all no need to feel ashamed of urself. If u do it'll show and u'd look even worse!This is a step in the right direction.Start today.Go low carb, i dont mean "no carbohydrates", mean lower... Read More »

I want to lose a harsh amount of weight?

I have lost over 200 lbs in the past 2 years. A little ebook I purchased for $5 was the best thing that ever happened to me. I strongly recommend it.Go to Website: many-ebooks.weebly.comIt is calle... Read More »

Whats a way to lose 50lb in 5 months?

Eat less and move more. That's the ONLY way.