What's a really tasty meat-free pasta dish?

Answer Pasta and h/b eggs in white sauce

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How to Make Tasty Pasta Pasqualina?

Tasty Pasta :DMake Tasty Pasta PasqualinaA rich and hearty Italian-style pasta sauce, made with Italian sweet and hot sausage, simmers for hours in the slow cooker. The tomatoey sauce is rounded o... Read More »

How to Make a Tasty Nacho Like Dish?

Learn how to use your old, stale corn chips to make a very tasty dish in minutes.

Can you recommend a tasty chicken dish for me?

This recipe is delicious, and very easy to prepare. Good for when you are in a rush, and need to get things happening in a short time frame. It goes really well with large pasta types such as fettu... Read More »

Whats more filling and tasty indian or chinese food?

Indian is always better, you just end up eating again later with Chinese food! It's also more oily.