Whats a quick home remedy to stop bleeding?

Answer Cold water and pressure

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Whats a quick, home made remedy for pimples?

toothpaste,rubbing alcohol will dry a pimple out, the woman who did my facial once told me to wash my face with lever 2000 and then cleanse my face w/limes (works too).The best though,is chicken ye... Read More »

How to Stop a Dog's Quick from Bleeding?

Caring for your dog is worth all the effort. Clipping dog nails is part of being a responsible pet owner.If you are clipping your dog's toenails, and you hear a yelp, you probably cut their quick. ... Read More »

What is a quick home remedy for bad acne?

First, wash your face several times a day. You are probably already doing that. Second, take a zinc supplement daily. 50 mg. Take it with a meal or it will might make you queasy.Third, if you w... Read More »

Serious question. Quick home remedy for constipation please?

When I was studying in Colombia to become a Medical Missionary Naturopathic Physician, one incredible remedy that the president of the school had us take for constipation was....Take a 18 oz glass ... Read More »