Whats a quick fix for headaches, Without taking drugs?

Answer the most common cause for a headache is dehydration. so drink a few pints of water. no adiitive like fuit juices or other flavourings. just ice cold tap water. drink and within a few hours you shou... Read More »

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How can i get stronger without taking any drugs?

Start lifting weights, and go to GNC and got a thing of protein powder or Cretin powder to help you build muscle. but be careful, if you drink to many protein shakes you will gain fat. Another th... Read More »

How can i lower my blood pressure without taking prescription drugs?

Whats a natural way to get high without using drugs?

If you want to get high, step up on a ladder. If you want euphoria drink more coffee or find a tea that has lots of caffine. I think your choice of words is misleading. Do you want to get high o... Read More »

Does the 'taking' of soft drugs lead to hard drugs?

only if you let it. one drink doesnt make you an alcoholic, and one spliff doesnt make you a junkie in waiting, but some folks have an addictive nature, be it lines of coke, tins of tennants super,... Read More »