What's a non-invasive way to deal with what is probably a pinched nerve?

Answer It does sound like a pinched nerve, with even the possibility of a dislocated rib high up behind your shoulder blade. Gentle Yoga stretches can help. Ice packs, 20minutes on per hour will help with... Read More »

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Cockatiel With Pinched Nerve?

A pinched nerve in a cockatiel can be difficult for a bird owner to diagnose. Because a more serious injury can be mistakenly diagnosed as a pinched nerve, it is important to seek veterinarian advi... Read More »

Question about deep tissue massage (shoulder with possible pinched nerve)?

Yes, there might be a pinched nerve involved, and deep tissue massage might be a possible solution

What can I do for a pinched nerve in my collar bone?

all i can say is mortin mortin mortin!!i pinched my sciatic nerve and mortin helped me get through the day. many can buy it over the counter. it says to take 2 but you can take up to 4...3... Read More »

Serious pain in my right arm and shoulder...Pinched nerve...what should i do?

If you have a pinched nerve and it is servere then only a Dr can tell what and where it is happening. You could have pulled a muscle in which case you might have this pain for a couple of weeks an... Read More »