Whats a nice way to say no?

Answer Yes....u have to be very straight forward with a "sales person" (like a trainer, etc.) they can make u feel guilty...especially if u are younger & vulnerable. I would be very direct if he approac... Read More »

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Whats a nice house warming gift?

Im about to order chinese food - whats nice ?

Cream of sum yung I heard that in a joke once. Sorry I couldnt resist.

Whats your first drink of the day mines a nice cup of tea?

tea all the way - r u english by any chance lol

Im leaving my job as a helper in a daycare whats a nice thing to do so the kids remember me?

when my son's preschool teacher left, she did the sweetest thing. she took pics of her with the kids, one by one. and then on her last day at school, she gave away cute key chains that are actual... Read More »